Did you know… Megan is the heart of mWords, but she’s also the Mantra Yogi… 😊

Whether you’re new to yoga and meditation, want to deepen your practise or just see what the buzz is all about, you’re in the right place.


🥳 We are back in the studio in March!

FREE classes every Sunday at 10am in Port Melbourne.

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Namaste 🙏🏻

A little more about us…

We draw inspiration from Hatha, Purna and Yin styles, and create sequences that strengthen and refresh your physical body as well as calm the infamous ‘monkey mind’.

Our meditations use a range of gentle techniques to help you find your centre and enjoy stillness. We often focus on a specific theme, like certainty or creativity, to support different areas of your wellbeing.

Meditations often include visualisation, affirmation and mudra (symbolic hand gestures), as well as Megan’s trademark singing. She makes sure every session is quite unique, but definitely rejuvenating! 😊

About Megan

Megan loves using the power of voice to raise energy and vibration. Her meditations and yoga classes often include a little singing and chanting mantra.

By the way, there’s no pressure to sing! 😉  You can join in, or just listen and soak up the healing, it’s up to you.

Yoga has been nothing short of transformational for Megan. A long time runner and passionate wellbeing advocate, she attended her first yoga class at age 16 looking for a way to balance the intensity of running, and fell in love at first asana!

The connection with mWords

It was during yoga teacher training that Megan discovered just how powerful and fulfilling a dedicated yoga practise could be. While studying asana (postures), pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation and yoga philosophy at the renowned Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay, Australia, Megan realised how her decades of marketing, teaching and speaking experience had primed her to create a beautiful framework for bringing yoga and meditation to her clients. Many shared her love of holistic wellbeing but they often struggled with stress, fatigue and creative writer’s block.

And so, the Mantra Yogi was born!

Megan is deeply committed to continual growth, learning and practise and regularly undertakes additional study, the most recent being a deeper exploration of yoga philosophy, ‘Yoga & The Koshas’, led by one of her favourite mentors, Bec Isaacs.

I have attended yoga and meditation classes with Megan and found her calm presence and guidance really helpful. I look forward to more.

Megan’s meditation sessions bring so much peace and relaxation to my life. She has an innate talent to bring calm and allow space for me to forget about all stressors that are usually at the forefront of my mind and reconnect with myself.


As a member of the international Yoga Alliance, we abide by an ethical commitment to safe, respectful teaching, and to maintaining a high level of ability and accountability.