5 Simple Tips for a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Once considered only a website for job seekers, LinkedIn is now the most popular social media network for professionals in the world. It’s often the first place people look when they want to know more about you. But many of us don’t take full advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Whether you’re in business, planning a career move or want to be seen as an industry expert, having an effective LinkedIn profile is vital.

Here are 5 simple tips for creating a profile that gets noticed by more of your ideal audience. Read more…

Recruitment: 5 Key Benefits of Using a Professional Copywriter

Recruitment professionals have enormous influence. Whether it’s a company looking for the best talent, or a candidate seeking their dream job, they rely on the advice of a recruiter to help them make good choices.

Today, clients and candidates demand much more from recruiters. It’s not enough to have a great track record or access to exciting career opportunities. They expect personalised guidance, expert knowledge and commitment to matching the right job-seeker and employer.

Professional copywriting is a powerful way to show your clients and candidates you’re the best recruiter for the job. Rather than competing on job listings alone, a copywriter can help you build content that speaks directly to their wants, needs and challenges. Read more…