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Finding Focus and Flow: 14 Songs for Content Creators

Each of us has our own unique way of finding focus at work. That perfect setting for achieving maximum productivity and creativity.

For some, it’s total silence. Others are inspired by background chatter and the whir of the espresso machine at their favourite cafe. But music is also a powerful tool for helping you get in flow.

It’s not just a feeling… numerous research studies have proven the ability of sound to influence our thought patterns, brain waves and mood. Binaural beats in particular have receive heightened attention recently for their ability to shift thought speed and intensity, though you’ll only reap the full benefit wearing headphones, which isn’t always practical.

So what do people listen to when they want to tune out the world and get things done, or when they find themselves in a funk and need to inject some energy?

I put the question out to my LinkedIn network recently, and these were the 14 songs that received most votes.

What’s your favourite song for regaining energy, or finding focus? Share it in the comments!

7 Songs for Energy

happy is Pharrell's path to focus

1.    Happy – Pharrell Williams

2.    I Feel Good – James Brown

3.    Best Day of My Life – American Authors

4.    Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

5.    Let’s Go – Calvin Harris

6.    Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

7.    Only to Be – Six60

7 Songs for Focus

love actually shows us that love is everyone's focus

1.    I Will Be Found – John Mayer

2.    Fields of Gold – Sting

3.    Gayatri Mantra – Deva Premal

4.    Le Telephone Pleure – Claude François

5.    River Flows in You – Yiruma

6.    Claire de Lune – Claude Debussy

7.    Glasgow Love Theme (from the ‘Love Actually’ Soundtrack) – Craig Armstrong


What song gets your vote?



4 thoughts on “Finding Focus and Flow: 14 Songs for Content Creators”

      1. “I feel good” and “Happy” are the best choices.

        The music and words absolutely suit. The creators of these songs are magical. They are totally in synic.

        When I write my songs, what is mostly important is the flow of a mood that then helps create the story or for me the movie. The emotion triggers my voice tone and style of how to sing and create my song. Without an feeling I cannot sing and neither can I create and magical flowing song.

        It’s the same as having the right voice tone with the right message. Our voices are a musical instrument and our message will only be engaging when our listeners and audiences get into the flow of our tonality.

        That’s what I love doing most not only helping people with their singing flow but also with the flow of what they are saying when speaking.

        Thanks Megan for this interesting coloration of music flow and speaking.

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